Kleriti Tips for Business Growth

Three Tips to Maximize the Flexibility of Working from Home

When you office out of your home, everything from hygiene habits to work/life balance changes. One of the greatest benefits…

How to Beat Procrastination with One Simple Solution

A marathon runner knows that, in order to cross the finish line at the end of the race, they must…

Organization: The Foundation for Top-Notch Customer Service

Think of the last interaction you had with a business - maybe a local restaurant or shop, a medical facility,…

The Curse of the Ledge

How many of us get trapped in the same pattern of behavior because it's known and comfortable? We stay in…

Three Organizing Tips to Keep Receipts Under Control

Everyone accumulates receipts throughout the year. Whether paper or electronic, personal or business, the receipts pile up (sometimes quite literally)!…

Four Ways to Maximize Productivity this Year

There's no better way to reach goals than by finding ways to do more with our working hours. Simple changes…


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