Sarah Krivel founded Klerity Business Solutions after leaving the corporate sector in order to bring her skills and experience to entrepreneurs. The people she was serving immediately inspired her. These business owners—the most driven and passionate individuals she had ever met—were on a mission to impact the world. But inevitably, conversations would lead to a particular pain point in their lives. 

Whether it was the interior designer unable to accurately track her inventory, or the leadership coach failing to find leads and follow-up with potential clients, something was holding them back from reaching their goals and accomplishing their missions. Sarah found herslef wanting to help these business owners in any way possible by offering perspective, advice or action steps. For the first time in her life, what she was doing for a living didn’t feel like work. She wanted to see these individuals and their businesses thrive.

Over time, Sarah’s personal mission became clear: to help people and their businesses find clarity and reach their potential. Kleri Business Solutions connects dots, reframes ideas in unique ways and helps business owners overcome their obstacles. Sarah comes from a world where success was contingent on high-functioning teams and systems of operation. She has a (healthy) obsession with efficiency and loves to share this knowledge with businesses so they can finally find freedom and know their business is on track.