To replace Kleriti Business Solutions (and to receive the same skillset and results), you would need to hire four individuals: a business coach, a COO, a systems consultant and a trainer. 

Here is what you get from working with us:

  • Skills-based Coach – We see the big picture and understand that the source of pain in business is typically at least three layers deeper than the business owner realizes. We are keen observers and skilled questioners who stop negative business trends in their tracks, helping to shift perspectives and bring about a new era of your business.
  • Outsourced COO – We provide the level of strategy often missing in organizations between big-picture vision and day-to-day execution. Without this, the business flounders.
  • Systems Consultant – We fill gaps with the processes and workflows that maximize consistency, efficiency and quality. We roll up our sleeves working side-by-side with the business owner and their team to design and implement new solutions that will reduce unnecessary work and frustration.
  • Training Specialist – We design workshops, lead skill-building sessions and speak to groups of all sizes with customized, impactful presentations that are immediately actionable.