Hiring a Business Consultant as your strategic growth partner is a big decision. We expect questions and respect a careful consideration of the process, our qualifications and the expected outcome. Because we’ll be invited into your business, comfort and trust are a must. Our most frequently asked questions are below. If you have a question about us or our services that you can’t find an answer to, just ask.

Before founding Kleriti Business Solutions, founder Sarah Krivel applied her skills working in Marketing and Operations for Fortune 500 companies, focusing on systems design, process development, new program implementation, cross-functional team communications and change management. After earning multiple awards for “Continuous Improvement” and “Getting Stuff Done,” it became clear that companies with streamlined operations showed a much better track record for achieving their goals. Furthermore, decision makers within these large corporations had significantly more time to focus on growth and find more balance in their lives. 

For nearly a decade, Sarah has shared her insights with local businesses and large corporations alike, showing them the power of streamlined operations. Time and again, she has seen business owners encounter similar roadblocks, but with Kleriti Business Solutions’ actionable tools and unwavering support, they are able to meet and often surpass their business goals. 

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When taking on a new client, we always begin in the same place. We complete a comprehensive evaluation and gap analysis to uncover “pain” and missed opportunities. We then investigate every aspect of the organization, speaking with team members at every level, reviewing documents, sitting in on meetings and much more. 

We share all of our findings with you, the business owner, going over recommendations for new and revised systems, processes and workflows. While taking into account cost (time and money) and consequences to you and your team if these changes aren’t put into place, together we prioritize the recommendations and develop a tiered strategy to move forward.

In the following months, we will work together to design and implement these improvements. All necessary documentation will be created and staff trainings will take place to ensure the seamless integration of these new systems and processes.

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The needs of each business vary greatly. As such, our work with each client is completely customized to the situation. When working with us, you can expect a collaborative environment where we work on the same team to accomplish the same goals. The big takeaway of our working relationship is an organization that operates consistently and most effectively. You will gain the freedom to pull back, trusting your team to continue at this pace and will know the business is running efficiently day in and day out.  

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Your time commitment largely depends on the structure of your team and their capacity. A minimum of 1 hour a week should be budgeted for conversations, materials review, etc. The more you are involved—and the higher priority you make our work together—the more results you will see.

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We believe in an open-book policy and only work with clients who are willing to give us 100% complete access to their systems, team members and their documents. We embed ourselves in the company, working with staff to establish deadlines related to these new projects, realizing that this is above and beyond their day-to-day job duties.

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The majority of our work will be done remotely. We will use email, phone and video to connect. If you are in the Denver metro area, we can meet in person as well. 

At various points during this process, it may be valuable for us to meet with team members in person and/or observe elements of your business operations on-site. If and when that becomes beneficial, details will be discussed.

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As a business owner, you do not have a strong source of accountability. You do not have a boss assigning you daily tasks, telling you where to focus your time and attention, or defining project due dates for you. Before working with us, you only had to answer to yourself. To move past common business roadblocks, most business owners need a bit of a “push.” 

For the first time, you will have someone rooting for you, holding you to your action plans and helping you focus in the right ways, working on action items that will lead to positive change in your business.

Having an outside perspective, a completely unbiased third party to look “behind the curtain” of your company is invaluable.  We have a healthy emotional distance from the politics and the history of your business, which means we can shift perspective in an impactful way.

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To replace Kleriti Business Solutions (and to receive the same skillset and results), you would need to hire four individuals: a business coach, a COO, a systems consultant and a trainer. 

Here is what you get from working with us:

  • Skills-based Coach – We see the big picture and understand that the source of pain in business is typically at least three layers deeper than the business owner realizes. We are keen observers and skilled questioners who stop negative business trends in their tracks, helping to shift perspectives and bring about a new era of your business.
  • Outsourced COO – We provide the level of strategy often missing in organizations between big-picture vision and day-to-day execution. Without this, the business flounders.
  • Systems Consultant – We fill gaps with the processes and workflows that maximize consistency, efficiency and quality. We roll up our sleeves working side-by-side with the business owner and their team to design and implement new solutions that will reduce unnecessary work and frustration.
  • Training Specialist – We design workshops, lead skill-building sessions and speak to groups of all sizes with customized, impactful presentations that are immediately actionable.
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Sarah Krivel founded Klerity Business Solutions after leaving the corporate sector in order to bring her skills and experience to entrepreneurs. The people she was serving immediately inspired her. These business owners—the most driven and passionate individuals she had ever met—were on a mission to impact the world. But inevitably, conversations would lead to a particular pain point in their lives. 

Whether it was the interior designer unable to accurately track her inventory, or the leadership coach failing to find leads and follow-up with potential clients, something was holding them back from reaching their goals and accomplishing their missions. Sarah found herslef wanting to help these business owners in any way possible by offering perspective, advice or action steps. For the first time in her life, what she was doing for a living didn’t feel like work. She wanted to see these individuals and their businesses thrive.

Over time, Sarah’s personal mission became clear: to help people and their businesses find clarity and reach their potential. Kleri Business Solutions connects dots, reframes ideas in unique ways and helps business owners overcome their obstacles. Sarah comes from a world where success was contingent on high-functioning teams and systems of operation. She has a (healthy) obsession with efficiency and loves to share this knowledge with businesses so they can finally find freedom and know their business is on track. 

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Kleriti Business Solutions was founded in November of 2015.

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Pricing is dependent upon the needs of your business. Together, we will prioritize your needs, clarify a time commitment and move forward with the matching pricing structure. Custom consulting packages that focus on your business range from $1,400 to $5,600 / month depending upon the size of your business.

Very often, business owners compare the cost of support with the potential upside, focusing on time and money saved as a result of this investment. That’s an incredibly important analysis to do, and we can help you with this. In addition, we urge you to consider the following scenarios:

  • What would it feel like to be home in time to have dinner with your family every weeknight?
  • How much do you value a happy, motivated and committed staff with minimal turnover?
  • Can you put a price on your business running flawlessly while you take a much-needed vacation?

These are just a few of the results our clients achieve through our work together.

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We work with clients in service-based industries. From medical billing businesses to veterinary practices to video production companies, we make positive change happen. What do we know about veterinary medicine or video production? Nothing. Our clients are the experts in those industries. We’re in the business of business, and our objective opinion is how we help businesses succeed. Our skills are in business optimization, not diagnosing dogs or making YouTube videos. This is WHY you hire us.

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The needs of each business can vary greatly. It is impossible to create a hard and fast timeline for results. However, the clients we work with tend to see positive change in the first month of working together. 

To build trust between the business owner and Kleriti Business Solutions, we offer a 100% money-back guarantee. If after one month, you do not see the progress you hoped for, or for any other reason you are dissatisfied and would prefer not to continue, you can receive 100% of your money back.

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