Business Growth Solutions for Service-Based Businesses

As business growth consultants, we work directly with service-based businesses in a wide variety of industries. From marketing companies to medical practices, we take a unique, hands-on approach to specialty business growth. When we combine our mastery of business operations, process improvement, organizational design and development and leadership coaching with your industry-specific expertise, the results are sustainable business growth, client satisfaction and employee retention. Your customized business growth plan will include consistent procedures, automated processes, and streamlined workflows. Gone are the days of redundant work, frustration, confusion, missed deadlines, disgruntled employees and dissatisfied clients.

We believe that knowledge is most useful when it is shared. Things we've learned from one client often apply to others. Likewise, a solution that works in one sector has proven to be even more impactful in another! The variety of clients, industries and challenges continually hone our skills and refine our approaches. But regardless of the client, industry or challenge, one thing remains constant. All entrepreneurs go through the same struggles, frustrations and fears. Helping them to find a clear path away from those struggles and towards the success they envisioned is why we do what we do every day.

Here are just a few of the industries that our Specialty Business Growth Services have made a big difference in:


Differentiating yourself as a business while providing a seamless client experience is not easy. The balancing act between growing your business and servicing existing business is delicate. Getting clear on your recurring processes and automating them to free up time and energy for the work you love will set the stage for success.

Types of businesses in this category:

  Marketing & PR
  Medical Billing
  Research Evaluation
  HR Benefits
  Video Production


In this sprawling industry, there has never been a better time to deliver positive patient experiences. Without the proper talent, top-notch customer service and rock-solid back-end admin processes, you can struggle. Keep patients happy and prevent processing mishaps with a streamlined practice.

Types of providers we’ve worked with:

  Veterinary Medicine
  Behavioral Therapy


Current labor realities cause rapid employee turnover, and shifting client demands make delivery timelines a challenge. When you create systems for aspects of business that are within your control, you’ll be able to deliver a consistent customer experience time after time. And retain happy, well-trained employees.

Sample businesses we’ve worked with:

  General Contract Construction
  Interior Design
  Property Management
  Junk Hauling
  House Cleaning
  Property Inspection


After seeing our work transform the lives and organizations of business owners across the service sector, we realized that we had to get it to more people! So we created DuplicateU: Lay The Foundation. This self-paced, interactive online solution teaches Kleriti's proven process of:

  • Defining what your business does everyday – the core set of recurring activities that can be standardized.
  • Documenting those processes on paper to make them trainable and repeatable, and…
  • Designing the tools to make those processes run efficiently and effectively over and over.

Step away from your business without it crumbling. Get off the treadmill of doing the work, and step into your rightful role as CEO. Duplicate yourself and start working towards the freedom and lifestyle you’ve always dreamed about. And have an even greater impact in the world.


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